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Details about the BUILD Influencers Party at Thirsty Bear Brewery Thursday June 27 at 8:00PM

16 Jun 2013 - 14 Comments

0cb5bdb328deae11bf6060a395140aaaThe next Deep Fried Bytes hosted party will be at the BUILD conference this year. We are very excited to have the party at the Thirsty Bear Brewing Co only blocks away from the Moscone Center. We will have 2 hours of fun with food and all the drinks people can enjoy. The Thirsty Bear brews many organic beers in house along with a great menu of Spanish tapas. We hope everyone that joins us will have a great time.

Many people have asked us if we will have a sign up but here is the deal: We will only have a limited number of tickets available and those tickets will be handed out during the BUILD event. You will have to ask a sponsor, Keith Elder, myself or one of the few podcasters/bloggers that will be our guests for the evening. Those names will be announced on the Deep Fried Bytes twitter feed @deepfriedbytes very soon.

Want to thank a few friends that will also be handing out tickets so find these people:

Finally we would like to thank the sponsors of this year’s party who make this all possible.

  • WondrngAbout

    Since tickets can be received from sponsors – Which booth(s) of Microsoft will be the sponsor booth then to get tickets?

    • Chris Woodruff

      I do not know who at Microsoft will be handling the party tickets. When I find out I will let people know.

  • Chris Woodruff

    I have no idea if Microsoft will be handing out tickets but Keith and I will be so find us and see if we will give you one.

    • WondrngAbout

      Gladly – hope that ‘finding you’ will not be too much of a challenge :)

      • Chris Woodruff

        You will be able to find me since Keith and I will be wearing Deep Fried Bytes polo shirts every day of the event.

  • Haichih Hwa

    How do we get ticket for the party?

  • Rafa Serna

    Hi Chris.

    I and a friend, we will go to Build for the first time.

    We are developers of Windows Phone from Spain. Do you think we could get some invitiation to this event? So check that such step is Spanish food in San Francisco… ;-)

    Thanks and regards.

    • Chris Woodruff

      I am excited to meet you guys and just catch up with me early at the event. I am sure the tickets will be gone during the second day.

    • Ryan

      There’s nothing wrong with Thirsty Bear, but you might be a little disappointed if you’re checking for Spanish food!

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  • WondrngAbout

    Just heard that the official attendee party is in parallel with the Deep Fried Bytes Party :(

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  • Randall “texrat” Arnold

    Had a blast, thanks Chris and Alex!

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